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Time and location of SPS/Astronomy club meetings will be posted around the dept-
2nd floor west end of P&ES.
  All are welcome.  Look at our Facebook page and nucleus pages.


The Society of Physics Students is a national professional physics association of physics students, teachers, and alumni whose goal is the dissemination of physics knowledge to the community at large. National dues are $24, which includes the journal "Physics Today".  Plus you get 3 yrs of free membership in another member organization!  You may change which org each year!  What a bargain!

Locally, the society has at least one meeting per month, they donate their time to tutor students in physics, and support the local schools' physics knowledge through demonstrations, etc. SPS meetings may be as formal as visiting lecturers or as informal as pizza parties, or popcorn and movie viewings, field trips, or lab tours. SPS membership brings about friendships, the growth of professionalism in the physics field, and fun.  Be sure to check job announcements and put your resume on the job board- see physics page for link. 'SPS provides this service to you free! Take advantage of it.

You need not be a physics major to be a member of SPS! To see more about SPS click on the
 At ECU if you are an SPS member you can also be a member of the Astronomy Club free of charge just by filling out the form.

For info on the Astronomy club click here. Click to get the Astronomy club application form.

FREE SPS Tutoring is in 204 P&ES -see signs in the dept for times

SPS Events for Fall...all are welcome!
Fall meetings

ECU's SPS was named by the National SPS Office as an Outstanding SPS Chapter for these years:
                                                                                                           1997-1998                 2002-2003            2007-2008
                                                                                                           1998-1999                 2003-2004            2008-2009
                                                                                                           1999-2000                 2004-2005            2009-2010
                                                                                                           2000-2001                 --------------            2010-2011
                                                                                                           2001-2002                 2006-2007            2011-2012

Good work ECU SPS, keep up the good work!

SPS Officers for 2013-2014
President:  Damon Sprouts (
Vice President:  John Dale (
Secretary:  Jenifer Low (


SPS Officers for 2012-2013
President:  Jared Giem
VP:  Damon Sprouts
Secretary:  Jared Klingler

SPS Officers for 2011-12

President:  Tyler Vanderzee
Vice President:  Justin Wulf
Secretary/Treasurer:  Stephanie Barnett


SPS Officers for 2010-11

President:  Spencer Bennett
Vice President:  Matt Payne
Secretary/Treasurer:  Aaron D. Riley

Zone 12 consists of SPS chapters in the states of Kansas (9 chapters), Missouri (12 chapters) and Oklahoma (11 chapters).
To get an idea of what other chapters do, here is the Zone 12 information that I have as of end of July 2000.
Click here to find out information on Zones.
Here's Zone 12 link.

History of Officers...Members

Officers for 2009-2010:
President:  Jessica Ferguson
Secty:  David Swift

Officers for 2008-2009 were:
President:  Kristen Thompson
Vice President:  Jessica Ferguson
Secretary/Treasurer:  Caleb Wingo

    VandegraaffPizza & Smores party
PHYSICS IS FUN...and it makes your hair stand on end!
Pizza and Smores Party

Officers for 2007-2008 are:
President:  Kristen Thompson
Vice President:  Caleb Wingo
Secretary/Treasurer:  Darrin Foster

Ada Outreach group
The Tiger Outreach Crew 08.
Dr Rutledge, Dr. Williams, Kristen Thompson, Jessica Ferguson

Spandex at Ada Jr High
Ada spandex experiment May 08.

SPS yearbook picture

Fall 2005-2006:  Sabina Koukourinkova-Duncan, Vince Freeman, John Linton,
Dr. Karen Williams (advisor), Erik Gonzales, Brad Madron, Jonathan Gonzales.

Sam wearing Sigma stole at graduation
And if you get good enough grades, you may qualify to join Sigma Pi Sigma,
the physics honor society and get to wear this stole at graduation (Sam Hobson Senior 2005).

New members are welcome at any of the meetings. We have fun learning physics and teaching it to others!

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