Sigma Pi Sigma

Sigma Pi Sigma is the SPS National Honor Society.

Advantages of joining:
It looks great on a resume.
If you get a gov't job, you get higher G-rating.
Why not?

To be a member of Sigma Pi Sigma @ ECU, one must:
ECU Physics Dept. faculty nominate students to become Sigma Pi Sigma members
if you think you qualify, let us know.

Officers for 2010-2011
President:  Aaron D. Riley
Vice President:  Kristen Thompson

Sigma Pi Sigma Officers for 2009-2010
President:  Kristen Thompson
Vice President:  Jessica Ferguson

Sigma Pi Sigma 2008-2009 Officers
President:  Darrin Foster
V.P.:  Rocco DiMambro
Sec.:  Prachanda Subedi

Sigma Pi Sigma 2007-2008 Officers
President:  Caleb Wingo
VP/Sec.:  Rocco DiMambro


Sigma Pi Sigma Fall 2005-Spring 2006 Officers

Sigma yearbook photo

(Left-Rt) Vice-President:  Sabina Koukourinkova-Duncan, President:  Vince Freeman

Secretary - John Linton,  Advisor:  Dr. Karen Williams


ECU Sigma Pi Sigma Inductees:  Hall of Honor

Sigma 1st group

Our First group inducted: Chih-Yung Wang, (Dr. Neuenschwander-Director of Nat'l office), Brian Smith, Rebecca Glass, Alan Snedeker, Julia Mead, & John Carpenter. Dr. Carl Rutledge, Karen Williams, Dr. Bruce Weems, and Dr. Kenneth Moore were inducted as transfer members.

Our Second group inducted were Patricia Davis, Jennifer Mann, Ted Williams, and Joseph Beck. Unfortunately I can't find a group photo of them!

Sigma 2nd group
Our Third group inducted: Jarrod Tollett, Forrest Danley (alum),
Gregg Frame, Nick Hahn, Chad Delozier, Jim Waller (alum)

Sigma3rd group
Our Fourth group inducted was: Kevin Bishop, April Hendley, Kent Dillin, and Monalita Wright. The induction ceremony was March 18, 1999 in the OK Room. Guest speaker was NASA spacesuit engineer, Tony Bruins. In photo from left to right are: Gregg Frame and Jarrod Tollett (previous inductees), Kevin Bishop, Kent Dillin, April Hendley, Monalita Wright, and Emily Scott (visitor and future member we hope), in blue flightsuit is Tony Bruins guest speaker.

Sigma4th group

Our Fifth Group inducted are pictured left to right : (Dr. Karen Williams-sponsor), Erin Bevill, Jon Cloud, Emily Scott, Lori McGowen, and Heather Schlotthauer.

Our Sixth Group inducted are pictured to the below:  Dr. Karen Williams- advisor, Timothy Hall, Shenale Glenn, Kristen Brendle, and Eugene Blackburn (Oct. 13, 2001).

Our 7th 'group' inducted was:  Steven Kitchens, a physics minor (looking for pic of him).  Inducted before he left for graduate school in chemistry.

Our 8th group was:  Marshall McCutchen, (Astronaut Harrington was speaker), Justin Thompson, Levi Standeford,
the Chapman Twins (Levica and Kara), and Tim Claxton.

Our 9th group inducted (below) included:  Vince Freeman, Sabina Koukourinkova-Duncan
and John Linton were inducted April 23, 2005.

April 2005 Inductees

Below:  Our 10th group (SP 2008) Inductees: 
Darrin Foster, Zack Broderick, Prachanda Subedi were inducted 2/19/08.

2008 Inductees

Our 11th group (SP 2009) Inductees:

Jessica Ferguson                                         and Kristen Thompson (3/1/09).

So...will YOU be among those in the next group inducted?

Last updated:  Dec. 10, 2008.