Pre- Engineering Program at ECU

East Central University does not offer an engineering degree.

We have a pre-engineering program that is managed out of the physics department.
This is a 2 or 3 year program which gives students the fundamentals of physics, chemistry, math,
etc. that are needed to prepare a student to transfer to a university that offers an engineering degree.
Some students also transfer to an engineering technology program.  Many students complete a physics degree
at ECU and then transfer to an engineering school to obtain a master's degree.  So there are many options to consider.

If you are interested in transferring to OU or OSU, click on the university and courses for the individual specialties
of engineering are listed.  Note that these are the most current provided to us and are subject to change by OU or OSU
at any time.  So it is possible that you could take the courses here that fulfill a requirement and by the time you transfer
it might no longer be a requirement.  The course would count as an elective in such instances.  We have not had many problems
with our students in this area.

Overall, ECU has been successful in preparing students for both engineering schools.  We have MS and PhD graduates in engineering that have been in our pre-engineering program.  

Last Updated:  Spring 2004