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Alumni Updates.

If your info is out of date, wrong, or missing and you would like to be included so your peers can find you,
email Dr. Williams ( and she'll try and get it on the site.  

We often wonder where you are and how you are doing! 
It is because of students like you that we keep teaching.
If you're ever in Ada, come see us.  We're in the book.

PHYSICS GRADS BY YEAR..."Almost" Physics Grads Grouped at the End

Dec 11/Spring12
2012 May Graduates
Chiemi Umeda Standridge
- looking for graduate school, walked in Dec.
Justin Wulf
- waiting on medical school

2011 Dec. Graduate
Daniel Kiptoo-applying to graduate school (see above)

2011 May Graduates:
Dwayne Aaron Riley- U Wisc Medical Physics graduate program
Matthew Payne - UCO Applied Physics MS program
Spencer Bennett- UCO Applied Physics MS program
Jason Barnett- working for Walmart waiting for his wife to finish her degree
Kristen Thompson- OSU Vet School

Portel  Jamie Cluck
2010 Dec. Graduates:
Jamie Cluck - substitute teaching, looking for job
Portel Bellamy - working for Air Force

Jessica and DavidAshton
2010 May Graduates:
Jessica Ferguson -
OU Radiation Therapy BS Program
Ashton Graham- IRT
David Swift - OU Med Physics...left to work for furniture store

2009 Dec. Graduates:
Stephen Fritz...
working for oil company

May 09 gradsPrachanda
2009 May Graduates:
Prachanda Subedi
will attend U of Delaware (in astrophysics).
Darrin Foster 
attended OUHSC in medical physics and now works for St Anthony's.
Caleb Wingo
will attend OU Med school and become a Doctor.
Rocco DiMambro
is deciding what to do when he graduates, maybe

2008 Dec. Graduate:
Chris Barnett 
is working at Kerr Valve/Flow Pump in Sulphur.

2008 May Graduate: 
Zack Broderick
is trying to now get into pharmacy school, is teaching at VoTech and working at McCourtney's Pharmacy.


2007 Graduates (photo below)

Erik Gonzales is now at OSU in engineering graduate school in the Bridges to the Doctorate program.  He and Mary are the proud parents of a cute baby boy born Spring '07.   Another Gonzales physicist??  (email is:

Jonathan Gonzales was headed to OSU for a MS in electrical engineering.  He is also in the Bridges to the Doctorate Program at OSU.  His email is:

Brad Madron started work for Hunter Mechanical May 14th with Erin Bevil (ECU grad '02) and loves it.  His wife Londa got a job teaching at the fabulous Classen School for Advanced Studies in OKC area.  (

Vince Freeman moved to Woodward and is teaching high school there.   Good Luck!  (

2007 Grads

2006 Graduates:

Sabina Koukourinkova Duncan (Dec. '06)  went to graduate school in physics at University of Arkansas.  She plans to study nanotechnology there.  (

Todor Ivanovic graduated in Dec. '06 and started graduate school at UCO in physics doing research in cylindrical fluids. (

John Linton is deciding on graduate school and still taking classes at ECU. (  Where ARE YOU JOHN?


We had 9 Graduates in May 2005 !

Scottt McIver is in pilot training school in the USAF as an officer. (  Saw him at the Ada airshow and he was still excited about flying-fast.   Pic at bottom of page!

Sam Hobson received his MS in HVAC Engineering from OSU and is working in the Tulsa area. (

Kara (Chapman) Kanedy and Levica (Chapman) Smith ( are at Texas A&M for a Physics PhD.  Both married Summer '06.  
Kara  works for Dr. Weimer at TAMU and Levica for Dr. Naugle.
( .

Justin Thompson was married to Tara Wilson and he graduated Physical Therapy School (MS)  and is in Marlow, OK working as PT.  He and Tara are expecting a child.  (

Zac Hawkins ( got married and is working for Chickasaw Nation as a Special Projects Coordinator for BIA Roads Program.

Tim Claxton ( has a job teaching physics and math at Vanoss.  He was awarded a plaque for excellence in physics teaching by the
AR-OK-KS Section of the American Assoc. of Physics Teachers on Oct. 31, 2008.  Congratulations Tim!  See pic on SueEllen's blurb on 1989 (below).

JohnPaul Townsend ( is working for Gami airplane outfitters.  He and Christina have a son, Harrison Franklin born 7/4/07.   Looks just like John Paul!  Christina works in loans at Vision Bank in Ada.

Levi Standeford moved to Nowata and works at Public Service Company of Oklahoma in Bartlesville.  He married 3/06 and they were expecting a baby girl. (

2005 grads
Sigma Pi Sigma grads shown

2004 Graduate

Marshall McCutchen ('04) (shown with his Mom)  is in graduate school at OU in physics. (


2003 Graduates

Kristen (Brendle) Taylor ('03) graduated with a MS in Medical Physics from OUHSC in Aug. 05.   She had lots of experience with the gamma knife in OKC.  She now works at St. Anthony's radiation therapy center and travels to other locations in the state.   She and Bobby had a son, Breckin in Feb. '06 and they now live in Newcastle, OK.  (

Shenale Glenn ('03) graduated with MS in Dosimetry at Univ of OKHSC (Dec. '06) and works in Dallas at Sammons Cancer Center.   Congratulations!  Her email is:   Shenale.Glenn@USONCOLOGY.COM

03 Grads
2002 Graduates

Erin Bevill ('02) is now working for Hunter Mechanical  in Oklahoma City as a heating/Air computer controls engineer.   He is busy as a bee and hiring ECU grads (Brad Madron '07).   His email is: 

Emily Scott ('02)  married Spring 05 to a wildlife firefighter (Larry) so she is now Emily Clark and lives in Sulfur working as a hydrology tech.  ( 

Eugene Blackburn ('02) is now working for OG&E as a reliability technical specialist at Konawa.   His children are now 11, 6, and that baby girl is 2 now!   (

Tim Hall was going back to Canada for grad school.

2002 Sigma Grads

2001 Graduates

William 'Jon' Cloud ('01) is working at Tinker AFB as a civilian in logistics and is now the proud father of a boy (11/02).  His email is:  Saw him at Charlie Daniels concert at ECU and did NOT recognize him!  Shame on me (KW).  Sorry, that big cowboy hat threw me off!

Chris Grace('01)  is currently a golf pro working with Dave Pelz.

April Hendley ('01) received her MS in astrophysics from OU and is teaching at Pryor School for Math/Science.   Her email is or (work).

2000 Graduates

Chad Delozier ('00) is working for Walmart in Bentonville, AR as a physicist/programmer.  He lives in Lowell, AR and still has fancy fast cars!   His email is:
In Oct. 08, he and Wendi had a daughter, Savannah Grace.  Congratulations!

Jarrod Tollett ('00) still has his comic book store on 10th St.   He is the upward bound coordinator and teaches some night sections of math/algebra at Seminole State College.   His email is:  He is also working to finish his MS in Education at ECU.

Kevin Bishop ('00) works for PEC in Ada as a electrical systems engineer.  His email is:

1999 Graduates

John Medeck ('99)  graduated from MSU-Mankato with a master's in Mechanical engineering in 5/03.  He is married and has a tall son Ian.  He is in Le Sueur, MN about 1 hour south of the Twin Cities.   Last I knew he worked for Dessert Inspirations, a division of HJ Heinz as a project engineer.  The factory makes cheesecakes, gourmet cakes, dessert bars, and numerous other desserts.  John identifies ways to improve dessert making.   (Lost contact with, email?)
Kent Dillin ('99) is now married had a son and daughter.  He is working in Stillwater, OK in a solid state company that makes optically luminescent dosimeters.  His email is: 
He received his MS in Engineering and Technology Management Summer 2008 at OSU. 

Monalita Wright ('99) is working in industry doing quality control at a firm in Olkmulgee that makes nutrasweet (tm).  Her sister-an Ada police officer was killed in an auto accident (11/02), our sympathies to her and her family.

Brandon Phillips ('99) received a BS in mechanical engineering at OSU after his BS in physics and is now working at Halliburton Energy Services and was promoted from a field engineer to a tech advisor with large customers in Tulsa area to help with well stimulation.  He married and has a 3 yr old son and a year old daughter. He lives in Sapulpa.   His email is:

Gregg Frame ('99) stopped by during Homecoming game 10/25/08 and said he is in OKC area in technical sales for the oilfield industry.  His email is

Richard Wilmeth ('99) is working in manager training at Walmart in Lawton, OK.

1998 Graduates

Ed Keeley ('98)  is working at OG&E now as a plant operator at Konawa.   He even gave our students a tour of the plant last spring.  Thanks Ed!  His email is

Ted Williams ('98) was last teaching physics in Arlington, TX and working summers at Six Flags in money office.

1997 Graduates

Alan Snedecker married Julia Mead and have 3 girls.  He works for McGuyer Homebuilders in Houston, Texas as a “Senior Systems Analyst”.  He programs the company websites using .NET Framework.   (, (his work:

Chris Hayes was in technical sales and then was certified to teach Little Axe.

1996 Graduates

John Tolley ('96) worked for MCI and now works for Farmers Insurance in Tulsa.   (

Julia Mead married Alan Snedecker ('97) and worked for Envoy NEIC and now is a full time Mom and homeschool teacher for their 3 girls (

David McDonald went into the Air Force last we heard.

1995 Graduates

Rebecca Glass Foster ('95), married, works for Kerr lab in Ada.  (

Captain Edward Lee Hobbs ('95) of US Army was in Afghanistan as an AH-64 Apache pilot....flying as was his dream.  He is married now and has two boys.  He recently completed his MS Nuclear Engineering.  (

Chih-Yung Wang ('95) received his MS from UCO and is now working in the research and development of thin film transistor liquid crystal displays with Contrel in Taiwan.  He is married with one son.  His email is

1994 Graduates

Jeff Miller ('94) received a MS in Nuclear Engineering in 1997 at UWisc and worked at TwinStar as a DRAM manufacturer/process engr and at Ball Semiconductor as a product developer.  He was a Patent Specialist with Haynes and Boone LLP in Richardson TX and will become a patent agent when he passes the patent bar exam. (LOST contact with Jeff, email?)

Travis Tindle is now the manager of the Ada Home Depot.  Nice seeing a friendly face in there!

1993 Graduates

Jimmy Musgrove ('93) ( works for a large sign company.  Calculates wind loads and such on big signs at business so they'll stand up in the OK winds.  He also has a huge CO2 laser  (printer?) that makes signs on wood and tile.  Neat!

Chris Smith ('93) is now Dr. Chris Smith having completed his PhD in biomedical engineering from Purdue in Dec 00.
He is working in San Francisco for the Stanford Research Institute who designs medical devices.  He married in '04 .  Congratulations!  (

Suman Shresthra ('93) has completed his MS in EE from OSU and is in California to work for Intel.  He will be in the cell phone/laptop chip group there. His email is:

Kent Boomhower earned his BS. in engineering at OSU in 2002.  He is now a field engineer at Baker Atlas in Corpus Christi, TX-according to Google.

Mark Enfield left the Omniplex in OKC.  According to Google:  He completed a Ph.D. at Michigan State University in area of  elementary science teaching and learning.  Prior he earned his M.Ed. at the University of Central OK and he is now an asst. professor of education at Elon University in NC.(

Fred Frankenberg went to OUHSC in medicine.  I believe this is his contact info from Google.  We'll mail him and see.
675 Harvard St
Nature Coast Family Practice
Brooksville, FL 34601

1992 Graduates

Ralph Johns ('92) ( is a Plant Operator at a medium/small gas fired power plant Tulsa Power Station/AEP-PSO.  He lives in Drumright.  Ralph works in the control room. The units are about 165 megawatts each.  The boilers operate at 1005 deg F and 1850 psi at the throttle valves.   It can go as high as 2200+ psi.

1990 Graduates

Robert Mallan (

1989 Graduates
Sue Ellen McFarlane Frerichs ('89) teaches pre-engineering at the Gordon Cooper Technology Center in Shawnee.  She was awarded a plaque for excellence in physics teaching by the AR-OK-KS Section of the American Assoc. of Physics Teachers on Oct. 31, 2008.  Congratulations ! (

Tim & SueEllen

1964 Graduates

R. E. "Bob" Caldwell, is a professional engineer (

And other physics 'friends' that took alot of physics but didn't graduate in physics...but we claim you as yours anyhow!

Victor Jacome ('06) (general studies grad-but a 'physics' major at heart) went to OUHSC in medical physics.  He is now in Springfield, MO working in radiation therapy at the Hulston Cancer Center.  (

Susan Ragland ('06), physics major who graduated with general studies degree is now employed at Tarrant County Community College as webmaster.
 ( or

Jennifer Mann, phys minor received her PhD in Mathematics and is now working at U of TX, Tyler TX.

Heather (Scholotthauer) Hannah  (ECU math grad '02, but almost a physics major) completed her doctorate in math from Notre Dame spring '07 and is a full time faculty member in the ECU math dept!  Congratulations Heather.  (

Steven Kitchens ('05, physics minor/chem major) got his masters at U of Arkansas (go hogs!) in chemistry.  He got alternative certification and is now teaching at Bentonville HSchool.  (

Justin Wilks ('05chemistry major/physics minor) is in graduate school in chemistry at U North TX.

Alfred Mason (engr tech major '94) is working as a manager in a candle plant in OK, has a new daughter.  NO GOOD email.

Bruce Williams (a pre-engr major from '92-'93) has now finished his engineering degree from OU and is working for IBM in San Jose, CA as a software engineer.  No good email.

We really do like hearing from you...don't let us think you've fallen off the planet!!

We're proud of each and every one of you.

        Scott McIver ('06) in his first solo flight. 
            The airplane is a T-6A Texan II.  It is a turbo prop (Jet engine that spins a prop through a reduction gear box)
              that has 1100 horsepower.  It produces about 3400 pounds of thrust and weighs 6500 pounds when full of fuel. 
              At normal cruise altitude it can do about 300 mph.

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