ECU Astronomy Club

As of Oct. 1998, ECU has an Astronomy Club.
The purpose of this Club shall be to promote interest in the science of astronomy as a service to the campus and the community.  
All interested in learning astronomy are invited to attend meetings, lectures, viewings, and field trips.  
Meeting time will be posted in the physics dept.  (206 area P&ES)

Astronomy Viewings with Telescopes, Fall 2013

Open to the Public                   
Sponsored by the ECU Astronomy Club                   
Location: ECU Observatory unless otherwise indicated.                   
        Park in Physical Plant lot NE of football stadium                   
        Walk 100 ft up hill to north to observatory                   
        Cancelled if cloudy or raining - if in doubt, don't come.         

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Date & Time
Wed. 8/21 at 9-10 pm
crescent moon
Thurs. 8/29 at 9-10 pm
Constellations- view off campus:
We leave from NW corner of PES at 9, return 10:15 pm.
Tues. 9/10 at 8:30-9:30 pm
crescent Moon
Mon. 9/16 at 9-10 pm
Gibbous Moon
Thurs. 10/24 at 7:30-8 pm
Mon. 11/25 at 9:30-10 pm
Jupiter, Orion

Contact Dr. Carl Rutledge, 580/559-5392 or               

Remember...if you can't see the stars...the telescope does not have x-ray can't see them either!

Children and the public are welcome to viewings.  If you are unable to walk up the hill and have a Handicap sticker, you may drive up to the site.
Faculty and students will be on hand to operate the telescopes and to answer questions.
  All viewings will be at the ECU Observatory just north of the ECU Physical Plant and about one block NE of the ECU football stadium.  Follow the signs from Stadium Drive to the Physical Plant.  Just South of the new Student Apts. is a red and white sign that says 200 Stadium Drive will mark a road that turns to the east.  Take this road and park in the physical plant parking lot and walk about 50 feet north up the hill to the observatory. 
Parking is not available at the observatory itself

Club Advisor: Dr. Carl Rutledge

For an application form for Astronomy club click here.

Last revised:  8/28/13.