ECU Physics Graduate's Employer Survey

We obtained the email addresses of 3 of the employers of our physics graduates (1 from 2005, 2 from 2006-2009).
We sent a link to this online survey to 3 employers. 
  Only two of them completed the survey between 11/16/10 and 3/12/11. 
Below are the results of our responders.

* 1. Please Select the item that best fits the employment area of the ECU graduate for which you are completing this form:

0  Government
0   Military

* Rankings of the preparation of our graduate (your employee) on the following skills found by American Institute of Physics to be "Most Used" by physicists.

Excellent Good Fair Poor Skill Not used in job or field
2. Problem Solving 50%

3. Interpersonal skills 50%

4. Technical writing 100%

5. Management 50%

6. Equipment and procedures experience 100%

7. Business Principles 50%

8. Statistical concepts 100%

9. Knowledge of Physics 100%

10. Advanced Mathematics 100%

11. Advanced Computer Skills 100%

* Rankings of our graduates (your employee) on the following list of items AIP found are qualities employers look for in employees.

Excellent Good Fair Poor Not applicable in job/field
12. Broad knowledge base of science & technical knowledge 100%

13. Is a team player 50%

14. Desires and is able to learn new fields, is quick study 50%

15. Excellent interpersonal skills 50%

16. Communicates well, oral, and written 50%

17. Well developed problem solving skills 50%

18. Strong work ethic 100%

19. Adaptable/flexible 100%

20. Shows initiative & assertiveness 100%

21. Ethusiastic in field 100%

22. Works with minimum of supervision 100%

* 23. Based upon your overall impression and experience with our graduate, rank how ECU prepared the student for work in your facility.
                   Fair preparation
                   Poor preparation
                   Unable to comment on preparation

24. Please make any comments that would help us better prepare our graduates for employment in your field.

No comments were made.

Thank you for completing this survey. We appreciate you taking the time to help our department!  We will use the results of these assessments to make decisions about our physics program.  Input from stakeholders is critical to this process.

                          Report completed by Dr. Karen Williams, Professor, ECU Physics Dept., 3/21/11.

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